Car license plate – what must it look like?

The different license plates on german roads

German license plates follow a certain pattern

german license plates follow a certain pattern.

If you are a car driver who often german roads on the road, will have quickly noticed that it is not only the normal motor vehicle license plate exists, but also red or green license plates occurrence in road traffic.

That every vehicle owner obligates is, an official license plate to attach license plates to your car is one of the basics of the road traffic licensing regulations (stvzo).

But how exactly do you get such a license plate for your car?? And when do you need to run a Different color license plate attach? Does a classic car need a normal license plate? The following guidebook should inform you about your rights and obligations regarding car insurance.

FAQ: car license plate

If the license plate is covered, illegible or incorrectly affixed, you may be fined. You can find out how much this is by looking at the table here.

There are z. B. Green and red labels and those that are only valid for a certain season. click here for a list of license plates in germany.

No. Since 2015 it is possible to keep the old license plate. Nevertheless, the insurance company must be informed.

Which license plates exist in germany?

Besides the regular license plate in germany, which every car needs in order to participate in road traffic, there are other registration plates. These include but are not limited to:

In addition, you will find here further information on the subject of license plates:

Each license plate is for certain situations intended for road traffic. The type of license plate you need depends on the type of car you own (e.g., a car with a seasonal license plate). B. classic car) or. How often or regularly you want to drive with it (e.g., how often you want to drive). B. seasonal license plate).

Structure of the license plate: numbers and letter combination

Infographic on car license plates in Germany

Infographic on license plates in germany

On a license plate in germany there are various numbers and numbers, indicating various situations. First of all there is the distinctive sign to name. This is listed on the front of the license plate. It consists of maximum three letters, the one for the administrative district stand, in which the motor vehicle registration took place. which combination of letters stands for which district is decided by the federal ministry of transport, construction and urban development.

To the left of the distinguishing sign are also the star ring of the european union as well as under it the respective letters for the country the license plate was registered in. This also makes it possible to see directly whether the license plate is made of europe originates.

The identification number

Behind the distinguishing sign is the identification number, which is available from letter-number-combination exists. This includes one to two letters as well as one to four digits. If you add up all the numbers on the EU license plate, the total may be the number eight not to exceed. In addition, the following license plates are forbidden for a car, because they give insulting abbreviations from national socialist environment: KZ, HJ, NS, SA, SS, AH, HH.

badges and dimensions for the german license plate

The space between the distinguishing sign and the identification number is used for the HU plate used. this indicates when the next date for the main inspection is due. This date is always determined by the month and the year indicated. Among them is stamped plate affixed the coat of arms of the respective federal state bears as well as the place resp. county in which the registration of the vehicle plates took place. The vehicle registration ordinance (FZV) says in addition:

The license plate with assigned license plate must be presented to the licensing authority for stamping by a stamp plaque. The stamp plate contains the colored coat of arms of the country to which the registration authority belongs, the designation of the country and the registration authority, and a unique print piece number, which may only be assigned once for each stamp plate. the stamped plate must conceal a security code, which can only be made irreversibly visible by uncovering it."(source: § 10 FZV)

For this reason it is important that the stamp plate of the respective approval authority to be submitted. If a vehicle registration plate does not have a sticker, it may not be driven on.

Which dimensions your car license plate must have, depends on which license plate you want to put on your car. In the annex 4 of the FZV it is specified exactly which dimensions the respective license plate must have in order to be valid.

Can you reserve a license plate?

If you want to have a particular license plate, you can usually reserve it online

If you want to have a specific license plate, you can usually reserve it online.

as the owner of a car you have the possibility to order a license plate to order online and before that the reserve license plate. This is to relieve the vehicle registration offices. The best way is to choose the license plate you want on its availability to be checked. You can usually do this directly on the website of the respective registration authority do.

Often, a license plate search is then offered, with which you can search for free license plates and reserve these license plates in germany directly. Mostly the reservation time is two months, after that the reservation expires again, if you have not picked up the license plate after reserving it. It is also possible to buy the license plate directly online. In this case keep an eye out for reputable suppliers open.

on the safe side you stand, if you complete the license plate search on the sides of the registration authorities. However, other websites can also be helpful if you want to find the license plate you are looking for.

license plate lighting – what is allowed?

How your license plate may be illuminated is regulated by law

How your license plate may be illuminated is regulated by law.

It is important that license plate number illuminated the license plate, so that it is also darkness seen can be. However, this only applies to the rear license plate. In germany and according to european community directive the illumination must be adjusted in such a way that the distinguishing mark is off 20 meters is clearly legible.

it must also white or. Neutral be illuminated and the light should always be together with the rear lights radiate. In addition, the incidence of light must not be seen from an angle greater than 82 degrees may be carried out and there may also be not directly to the rear broadcast.

Also a self-luminous license plate you can put on your car. This does without external light sources and illuminates by itself, so that further illumination is not necessary.

Special license plates and official license plates

Some vehicles, however, have license plates that differ from the officially approved license plates for normal vehicles. These are so-called special license plate, who have been exposed by the federal police or the armed forces be used to identify the status of the hazards.

the distinguishing marks here can be different. Which authorities can be identified by which license plate, among other things, is supposed to be the following listing of the official car license plates in germany show:

institution/authority code
federal police BP
federal armed forces Y
federal armed forces for vehicles of the NATO X
federal border police BG
technical aid organization THW
water and shipping administration BW

Removal of the obligation to change the registration number

Since the 1. January 2015 are available throughout germany no redesign obligation more for license plates. This means that if you move from one administrative district to another, you do not have to re-register your vehicle and you can keep the keep old license plates.

If you still want to change your license plate, it’s up to you whether you want to use the cost for this purpose. The elimination of the obligation to change license plates has greatly reduced the workload of the registration authorities.

fines on the subject of car plates

Missing vehicle registration or other license plate violations often result in more than just a fine

In the case of missing vehicle registration or other license plate violations, not only is a fine often due.

if you fail to comply with the stipulated regulations regarding vehicle registration or the affixing of your license plate, you may be subject to high fines threat. For driving without a valid label or with covered or. altered license plate can not only be a high fine, but also one imprisonment mean.

Because this is considered offense and will be punished accordingly. The situation is different, for example, if the license plate lighting not properly installed. Then they can expect a warning fine of only 10 euro. If the car license plate has been changed due to pollution is not legible, a amount of 5 euro due.

However, if you buy a vehicle without required EC type approval already have a license plate light fine of 70 euro as well as an point in flensburg the consequence.

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