Automotive supplier saxony

Imk automotive is active in the following networks:

working group automotive suppliers

As an established network partner of the automotive supply industry in saxony, the working group supports automotive suppliers with all its services, from information, consulting and training to project management.

Since february 2013, imk has been a premium member of the "automotive suppliers" working group

supplier portal carnet of the AMZ saxony

The network of automotive suppliers in saxony has been a reliable and committed partner of the saxon automotive supply industry for more than 13 years.

The carnet supplier catalog offers functional research options on the more than 500 companies listed in the saxon automotive supplier industry.

Centre for registration of european ergonomists (CREE)

The center for registration of european ergonomists (CREE) certifies and registers qualified ergonomists according to uniform standards. the views of the european ergonomics organizations are brought into line, with each member organization represented on the CREE council. This specifies and monitors the knowledge and experience required to become a european ergonomist (eur.Erg.) to become.

ergonomics competence network e.V.

The ergonomics competence network e.V. (ECN) promotes the exchange of ergonomics know-how among its members and sees itself as a bridge between science and practice.

The imk is represented in person by prof. Dr. Lars fritzsche official member of the ergonomics competence network since 2020 e.V.

Society for work science (gfa)

The gesellschaft fur arbeitswissenschaft (gfa) is an association of scientists and other interested parties with the aim of promoting occupational science. ergonomics deals with the analysis, organization and design of work processes.

The gfa sees itself in particular as a platform for exchange between science and practice as well as all interested social groups.

Mr. dr. Lars fritzsche, head of ergonomics at imk is a member of the gfa.

Global organization of ergonomics

the imk is a member of a worldwide organization focusing on applied ergonomics. Since 2016, the imk has been supporting the annual applied ergonomics conference in the u.s., one of the world’s largest trade events for applied ergonomics.

Since october 2015, imk has also been an international alliance partner of the AEC.

industrial association saxony 1828 e.V.

On 7. december 2000 the industrieverein sachsen 1828 e was founded in chemnitz.V. In the tradition of the industrial association for the kingdom of saxony of 1828.

Today, as an entrepreneurial meeting place and ambassador for saxony, the association promotes cross-industry networking among its members in meetings and workshops, supports young scientists and entrepreneurs, and is committed to promoting saxony’s industrial culture as well as expanding saxony’s infrastructure.

Imk has been a member of the industrial association of saxony since march 2013.

RKW saxony e.V.

automotive supplier saxony

The non-profit association "RKW sachsen rationalization and innovation center e.V." is a saxony-wide network committed to the sustainable economic success of small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. A large number of saxon automotive suppliers are members of the association.

imk automotive gmbh has been a member of RKW sachsen e since june 2004.V. And dr. Jens trepte, managing director of imk automotive gmbh, has been chairman of the board of RKW sachsen e since june 2010.V.

Technical university dresden

imk automotive gmbh is one of the cooperation partners from practice for the professorship of industrial and organizational psychology at the technical university of dresden.

User group EAWS

The German user group EAWS (ergonomic assessment worksheet) of the German MTM association, founded in may 2012, is interested in the practical application and further development of the EAWS assessment tool.

the initiators are the institute for work science of the tU darmstadt (IAD) and the MTM association. Imk has been a member of the EAWS user group since 2013.

association of german engineers

The VDI sees itself as a spokesperson and service provider for engineers and technology in germany and internationally. By networking with engineers and scientists in business and science, the VDI bundles engineering and technical knowledge.

The managing director of the imk, mr dr. Jens trepte, has been a member of the association of german engineers since november 2012.

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