The registration office rhon-grabfeld offers you three locations in bad neustadt, mellrichstadt and bad konigshofen i. Gr. If you want to avoid waiting time, it is best to come to us as soon as we open. Or use the online service in the citizen service portal conveniently at home.

TIP: citizen service portal

Take advantage of the possibility to register or deregister your vehicle via the citizen service portal ONLINE! Also the new registration, transfer and change of address is possible ONLINE. The newly issued documents are sent to the holder by mail.

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test and transfer drives with motor vehicles can be made with short term license plates.

If you want to export a vehicle that has been registered in germany or a vehicle that is not registered or has been taken out of service, you will need an export license plate.

Convertibles, off-road vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles and even classic cars are often only used for a certain period of the year on public roads. If this period in each year unchanged z. B. From april to october is maintained, the registration on a seasonal license plate could be recommended.

Green license plates are issued for tax-exempt motor vehicles.

General information:

This process is used to carry out a main inspection or safety inspection. no vehicle can be registered without a valid main inspection or safety inspection. Prerequisite for the advance allocation of a license plate is the presentation of an insurance confirmation (evb – electronic insurance confirmation), which also covers journeys with unstamped license plates. In addition, an advance allocation can only be made if the vehicle can be shown to have an operating permit (e.g., a vehicle registration certificate).B. vehicle registration certificate, certificate of conformity or data confirmation).

The advance allocation is for seven calendar days possible and can only be applied for once. you should only apply for this allocation when the vehicle is technically ready for the main inspection. If the main inspection cannot be completed within the specified period, a short-term license plate must be applied for in order to drive to the main inspection again.

Required documents:

  • Valid identity card or passport with registration certificate
  • Confirmation of insurance (evb – electronic confirmation of insurance)
  • registration certificate part II (vehicle registration document) or. Operating license (for vehicles not subject to registration but requiring license plates)
  • Registration certificate part I (vehicle registration certificate)
  • Power of attorneyfor authorized representative
  • for legal entities: extract from the commercial register
  • For personal companies: commercial registration


2,60 € if necessary. Plus the fee for the license plate (10,20 €)

Only motor vehicles that comply with certain minimum requirements with regard to their pollutant emissions are allowed to drive in the designated environmental zones. To prove this, the vehicle must have a corresponding environmental sticker, also known as a fine dust sticker.

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