Alternative to the schwacke list

Through our input mask you can provide us with all the necessary vehicle data and your telephone number. Among other things, we need information about the make and model of your car, the vehicle age, mileage, optional equipment, condition of the car, any previous accidents and repairs. Now send us the request!

2. Live vehicle evaluation

An expert employee will contact you to carry out the live evaluation for the car purchase together with you. in this step you can discuss and clarify existing ambiguities. the 100% correct valuation method allows us to give you a fixed price for car purchase. You can accept this offer within a cooling-off period.

3. Collection and payment

Immediately after the offer has been accepted, an order is sent to them in which all the vehicle data and contractual conditions are recorded. Now you can tell us your preferred delivery date and payment method. The car purchase is therefore completed!

Questions about the schwacke list?

You can reach us between 9 am – 6 pm at the following phone number:

0203 9751 3000

Or by mail to:

Your advantages with auto purchase live

Personal contact

A competent employee is at your side right from the start. This will assist you throughout the entire process of buying a car. Do not be afraid to ask your questions and suggestions, to communicate!


Have you already retired your car? You may wish us to take care of your vehicle deregistration. We from autoankauf live will gladly do the deregistration for you. After the successful deregistration of your vehicle, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail within two working days.

Flexible handover date

We can flexibly respond to your individual situation and schedule the pickup also for subsequent weeks.

On-site pickup

In order to simplify the process of purchasing a vehicle, we offer a free pick-up service from the car’s location.

Fast processing

We offer to inspect and pick up your vehicle within the next 24 hours. After an agreement from our side will be an immediate payment arranged.


With us you can choose between a lightning transfer to your account and a cash payment. It pays to sell us your car quickly!

No tempting offers – final price!

We of autoankauf live do not use an online calculator for your vehicle valuation. After sending your inquiry, you will receive a callback from one of our employees, who will conduct a live evaluation with you by telephone. In the course of this conversation you will quickly receive& certainly a binding offer. As a result, the car purchase would be completed quickly!

Schwacke list – a short explanation

The schwacke list bears the name of its inventor, the car dealer hanns W. Schwacke, who in 1957 came up with the idea of valuing used cars on the basis of list comparisons. Originally, this form of car valuation comes from the USA. If the first evaluation list included only two opel models on one page, today there are more than 3.000 different models of numerous car manufacturers are rated in this list. the current valuation list is published by the hessian company eurotax schwacke gmbh in maintal. it is considered the industry standard in germany for determining the residual value of used cars. The basis for the evaluation of the residual value are:

1. Vehicle type 2. Year of construction 3. Equipment 4. Mileage

Based on this data, we calculate an approximate residual value for the used car, which is recognized in many regions of germany. There are now other ways to determine the residual value of used cars that go into more detail about specific details.

Can you value a car with a few online details?

On the basis of the information provided in the first paragraph, it is possible to determine an initial rough estimate for a possible purchase price. This calculation does not take into account many of the individual characteristics of each car. For example, the value of a vehicle can be significantly increased by appropriate special equipment or retrofitted accessories. On the other hand, defects due to damage or increased wear and tear can cause the value of the vehicle to fall significantly below the average value determined.

For each individual case, the car residual value assessment based on the weak list is only an orientation value. It should be noted that an online car valuation via the schwacke valuation portal is subject to a fee. After entering the relevant vehicle data is a fee of EUR 7.90 due. Only after these costs have been accepted, the value of the vehicle will be displayed.

How does the schwacke list work??

The system of eurotax-schwacke offers the user a comparison of about 30 different car pool comprising 000 vehicle data. Computer-aided comparison calculators of companies that actually deal with the purchase of used cars today have a database of sometimes more than one million completed car purchases. Another problem of eurotax-schwacke is that only vehicles that have been registered in the last 12 years can find their way into the used car valuation. What does the car seller who wants to sell a used VW golf 2002 do??

For whom is the schwacke list suitable?

The valuation according to eurotax-schwacke is probably more suitable for commercial entrepreneurs who have a large fleet of vehicles. In these cases, you can estimate your entire fleet of similar vehicles with a single vehicle valuation at a price of EUR 7.90, and thus determine an average value with a price indicator. In commercial operations, the vehicles are usually already depreciated for tax purposes, so that the entrepreneur can also live well with an approximate used car price.

For the private individual who wants to achieve the highest price for his used car, eurotax-schwacke can only be a price indicator. Here it is necessary that the special equipment and individual features of the vehicle are also taken into account when determining the price.

Live vehicle valuation vs. Schwackelist

These are the common features of both types of vehicle valuation: vehicle type, year of manufacture, equipment, mileage. The following details make the difference:

1. Live vehicle valuation

  • Free live vehicle valuation
  • Fixed purchase offer at residual value
  • No registration necessary
  • Personal contact on the phone for vehicle valuation
  • special equipment is taken into account individually
  • Individual consideration of all special features recorded in the telephone call

2. Schwackel list

  • Fee-based vehicle valuation: 7.90 euros per vehicle
  • No purchase offer, only price determination
  • Registration via portal (also because of costs)
  • Online valuation only, without a telephone contact
  • No consideration of additional special equipment
  • No personal contact who can take special features into account

Autoankauf live as a free alternative to the schwacke list!

If you intend to sell your used car, the free live vehicle valuation of autoankauf live is a good alternative to the fee-based eurotax Schwackeliste. Our trained employees take into account all the special features of the used car on the phone and go through all the details on the car together with the vehicle owner. The special advantage of the live vehicle evaluation is that the potential car seller receives a fixed price offer from our employee at the end of the phone call. For the customer, this means that there will be no more renegotiation of the purchase price during the inspection when concluding the purchase contract for the used car for sale. Thus the free live vehicle evaluation of autoankauf live is a recommendable alternative to the eurotaxschwackeliste!

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