Accident with a police car: who is liable in the event of a crash on duty??

The police, according to § 35 stvo, enjoys special rights and may only be used with appropriate warning signals (blue light and siren) z. B. The exceeding the speed limit. If an accident occurs with a third party, the third party is often primarily responsible, since he or she did not grant the special rights or. Not showing the necessary consideration.

Police officers are also entitled to exercise their special rights in the necessary manner duty of care and consideration do not disregard. If they cause an accident through carelessness or negligence, the officials can also be the main culprit in the accident.

compensation payments for the damage to third parties regularly the liability insurance of the person who caused the accident takes over. If a police officer is involved in the accident, the department’s insurance usually covers the costs. If both parties are partially at fault, insurers will settle claims on a pro rata basis.

The police – your friend and helper

In the event of an accident with a police car, the circumstances determine the question of fault.

To drive within germany for safety the police officers take on a wide range of tasks. Besides preventive measures against crime and violations of traffic law, this includes, among other things, the regulation of road traffic and the investigation in the event of accidents as well as criminal offences.

In order to fulfill these tasks, special rights apply during an operation for police officers and also for other organizations – which include, among other things fire department and federal armed forces count – in the performance of their sovereign duties special rights. These exempt under certain conditions from the rules of the road traffic regulations (stvo].

However who is liable for damage caused during the operation of an accident with a police car? In the event of a traffic accident with a police vehicle, is the private individual automatically responsible for the accident? blame? Answers to these and other questions are provided in the following guidebook.

Contents of this guide

Special rights of the police

Accident with a police car: the stvo grants special rights to officers on duty.

In the event of an accident with a police car, it is important to circumstances to consider. Because if the vehicle is in a application the circumstances listed in § 35 stvo apply special rights application.

In practice, these special rights permit, among other things, running a red light, the exceeding the prescribed maximum speed as well as driving on the opposite lane of traffic or a one-way street against the direction of travel.

However, these special rights may only be exercised under appropriate consideration of public safety and order are exercised. For this reason, whenever a police car is involved in an accident during an operation, it is necessary to observe the individual circumstances to check.

Accident with the police car: what to look out for?

Even if the stvo grants the police special rights in the performance of their duties, this does not mean that in the event of an accident with a police vehicle, the private person automatically bears the costs private person bears sole responsibility for the collision.

Rather, the officers must exercise their care follow to avoid an accident with the police car. In particular intersections apply appropriate caution. Similarly, the speeding should take place in a reasonable relationship are the vehicle in compliance with the requirements of the stvo, so that other road users also have the opportunity to clear the lane?.

If an accident with the police car occurs due to the lack of care an accident with the police car, the driver of the emergency vehicle may be liable for an partial fault or even the sole responsibility meet in the collision.

Who is liable for an accident with the police car?

Who is liable if a car is damaged in an accident with a police car?

In the event of an accident involving a police vehicle, the settlement of damages about the responsible department or. The land as employer of the driver of the vehicle.

This means that the officer who was at fault for the accident with the police car is not liable for possible claims for damages liability.

If civilian persons are injured by a collision without fault injured, they can claim their Claims for compensation so claim at the respective places.

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