“Abortion is not a human right”

Pope Francis has spoken out against abortion in clear terms: If life is already violated at their creation, nothing remains but a "cold calculation," Francis said Saturday in Rome.

Abortion cannot be a human right, according to Pope Francis. Rather, the killing of the unborn is "a serious problem," he told Italian pro-lifers at the Vatican on Saturday. The destruction of life already in its infancy is a sign of a widespread "cold calculation". Francis stressed: "Then even life is reduced to consumer goods, which are used and thrown away when needed."

The pope criticized that the legislation of many states supported abortion. "I take this opportunity to call on all politicians, regardless of their religious beliefs, to respect the defense of life as the cornerstone of the common good and to advocate for it in society." The birth of children means future and hope.

Church in Italy celebrates "Day for Life

Francis spoke to a delegation from the Italian "pro-life movement," a coalition of more than 600 local and national pro-life organizations. The reason for her visit was the "Day for Life", which the Italian bishops introduced 41 years ago.

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