Vda report: almost every second new e-car in europe comes from german manufacturers

VDA report
nearly one in two new e-cars in europe comes from german manufacturers

Charging an e-car. In Europe, every second e-car now comes from Germany. Image: TheSupporter/Adobe Stock

Germany is the european champion in electromobility, says VDA president hildegard muller.
Image: thesupporter/stock. Adobe.Com

every second electric car in europe comes from germany. In the world’s most developed e-car market – in norway – manufacturers from the Federal republic are market leaders. In the domestic market, two out of three cars come from manufacturers in their own country. signs point to growth: in october alone, four times as many e-cars were newly registered compared to the same month last year.

Driving every week 12.000 new e-cars on german roads. So far, two-thirds of newly registered electric cars in 2020 have been produced by German manufacturers. German automakers were also able to increase their market share for electric cars in an international comparison: in western europe, for example, to 46 percent – that’s a third more than in the same month last year.

"the german automotive industry is already european champion in electromobilityGerman manufacturers are leading the european e-car market and in 2020 were able to significantly increase their market share compared to the previous year" says hildegard muller, president of the association of the automotive industry (VDA).

This is all the more remarkable, he says, because with 600.000 new electric cars in europe nearly doubled the total this year. "with this, europe has even overtaken the chinese e-market. And: europe has 60 percent more electric cars on the road than the u.s.," muller continued.

Around 70 different German e-car models on offer

German manufacturers’ e-cars enjoy great popularity with customers. 70 different models are offered by german car manufacturers. And by the end of 2023, this number is expected to double to 150 models.

According to muller, the corresponding subsidy programs, increasing sales. "now the expansion of the charging infrastructure must follow suit. the municipalities are lagging far behind in this respect," muller points out.

Municipalities are significantly behind in expanding the charging infrastructure.
– hildegard muller, VDA president

The difficult market situation as a result of the corona pandemic is not hurting sales of e-cars. 252.000 new electric cars registered from january to october – a near threefold increase. German manufacturers increased their market share from 50 percent to 66 percent in the first three quarters of the year.

German e-cars are particularly popular in norway

German manufacturers score particularly well in norway, the market with the highest share of e- worldwide. Nearly 70 percent of newly registered cars in the first eight months of this year are stromer there. German companies have been able to increase their market share from 32 percent to 50 percent, which means that every second e-car is made in Germany. In just five weeks, German manufacturers sold more e-cars in norway as tesla throughout the year.

"the example of norway shows that german manufacturers have the best offers, especially in highly developed e-markets. The trend proves that the German automotive industry is delivering what it promised. And people want our e-cars", hildegard muller is satisfied. (wag)

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