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Maxi has been a big fan of baking from an early age and prefers to find out on Sundays what can be made from flour, eggs and butter. Bite-size cakes are a thing of the past. Since living in black bread exile in paris, she has rediscovered her love of fresh, homemade sourdough bread. You can still have a brioche now and then. Maxi

the UNOLD backmeister edel has to face not only my test, but also the direct comparison with our test winner from calmdo.

Both devices have the elegant stainless steel look in common. The UNOLD breadmaker also scores with many gluten-free options and two self-programmable program places.

the calmdo breadmaker gets the point for recipes. It offers more and more creative ideas, the UNOLD backmeister edel is rather limited to ready mixes and incomplete standard recipes.

The UNOLD catches up in baking: the backmeister edel is super easy to use. In addition, it bakes quickly and keeps the baked goods warm automatically afterwards. But unfortunately it gets record-breaking hot in the process.

In the end, the mini baker from a german company has to admit defeat to its competitors by a narrow margin. Nevertheless, you will find a true baking master that is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers and individualists.

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"Good appliance for gluten-free baking"

My experience with the UNOLD backmeister edel automatic bread maker: who is the real baking master here??

Danger of confusion in the 2022 breadmaker test: even when I unpack it, the UNOLD backmeister edel reminds me a lot of another bakemaker. In fact, the comparison between the two grows into a battle of the giants. In the end there can only be one winner, but more on that later.

First impression: haven’t I seen you somewhere before??

I already mentioned it: at the first moment the UNOLD breadmaker looks somehow familiar to me. In fact, I tested the aicok backmeister, which not only looked confusingly similar to its competitor, but also had the word backmeister in its name.

Since our test-update, however, both the aicok and the UNOLD backmeister had to admit defeat in the first places. Our new champion is the calmdo breadmaker, which only just beat the rommelsbacher breadmaker.

UNOLD 68456 in front of me.

And it makes a solid first impression. The stainless steel surface gives the mini baker an elegant and sturdy look. the dimensions of the UNOLD baking machine are pleasantly compact and a handle on the lid promises burn-free opening.

Speaking of the lid: next to the viewing window, you’ll find an overview of the 16 individual programs that the baking machine has to offer. This is also a positive feature of the calmdo breadmaker, because with a little routine you don’t have to look up the program number. Small advantage for UNOLD: here are the programs listed in german.

this program list offers pretty much everything your baker’s heart desires. the backmeister edel has, among other things, its own program for jam, grain bread and even a super-fast program for dough at the start.

In addition to the program overview, you’ll find a large display and nine self-explanatory buttons, two of which you can program yourself for your personal favorite recipes. Another big plus that no other device in the test offers. A look at the user manual seems almost unnecessary, but there’s nothing to complain about here either. the instructions are comprehensive and clear.

Recipe variety: complete incompleteness in the house of UNOLD

Of course, the UNOLD backmeister edel also has a recipe booklet in its luggage. With 14 recipes, this is not disappointing, but also not a revelation. The most important bread recipes and a few specials are also on board. UNOLD has especially thought about allergy sufferers, because all recipes and programs also work gluten-free.

Unfortunately, homemaking is not in the foreground – many recipes are based on baking mixes. Quite pointless, because the baking mixtures already come with recipes anyway. Some recipes are missing important information like the baking time or the correct program.

In terms of recipe, the manufacturer could therefore quietly improve again. After all, you don’t just want to prepare ready-made products with your mini-baker, but also make your own unusual baked goods such as brioche or protein bread.

Handling the UNOLD: could it be simpler??

The UNOLD backmeister edel can score well with user-friendliness. After a short learning phase, you will hardly need the user manual anymore.


  • Many recipes
  • Reorderable baking pan& dough hook
  • Keep warm function
  • Two self-programmable program positions
  • All programs suitable for gluten-free
  • Easy to use


  • Many recipes with ready mixes
  • Recipes partly incomplete
  • Danger of burns on the viewing window

You can use the self-explanatory buttons to set the desired program and choose between three browning levels and a bread size of 750 grams or 1000 grams. Given its modest dimensions, I’m surprised that the little baker can make such large loaves of bread. But it can be even more compact: the most compact model in our test – and thus perfectly suited for small kitchens and singles – is the WMF kult X.

safety: the hot side of bread baking machines

No matter how many bread makers I test, I will never understand why not a single manufacturer seems to give serious thought to safety. With all appliances you can open the lid during operation and the heat development is enormous.

The UNOLD backmeister edel takes a sad second place in terms of heat record. With an adventurous 137.8 degrees celsius on the viewing window, there is a serious risk of burns. So please be careful when handling the hot mini bakers.

During our test-update, we were pleased to find that our new additions did not break any new heat records. Both the calmdo and the rommelsbacher breadmaker remained with about 75 degrees far below the previously established top values. We are pleased that the manufacturers have made technical improvements at this point!

bread quality: high-speed breakfast with backmeister edel

The bread with the "aurora juicy grain bread" baking mix turned out well with all bread baking machines in the test. The UNOLD backmeister edel is no exception, but it serves breakfast faster than its competitors. In 2 hours and 55 minutes you have crispy, fresh bread on the table. A few minutes of this time is even taken up by the keep warm function, which activates automatically after baking.

Panasonic croustina – hence the name of our bread quality test winner.

Cleaning: don’t touch this

Cleaning is not a big deal for all appliances in the test: accessories such as measuring cups and spoons can be put in the dishwasher, but the removable kneader and the baking pan of the UNOLD backmeister edel have to be washed by hand. It is quickly done thanks to the good coating.

Only the stainless steel surface takes its revenge during cleaning. As elegant as it looked before, it looks horrible with floury and greasy taps. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided, but it can be quickly remedied with a damp cloth.

Conclusion: who is the real bake-meister here??

After the UNOLD backmeister edel’s namesake had to admit defeat to a new competitor, the question is how our conclusion turns out in the overall comparison.

In fact, the german mini-baker offers enough advantages with its wide range of programs, reorderable spare parts and particularly fast performance that i can give it a good rating even without a direct comparison. But in the end there has to be a winner in the breadmaker test 2022.

But that was a very close and subjective decision. Both automatic bread makers can handle the most important recipes, such as simple mixed wheat bread or toast, can also handle spelt and sourdough, and have their own program for pizza dough and jam.

They are also in no way inferior in terms of scope of delivery, power consumption, performance, appearance and operation. Both also have the important timer and the keep-warm function in their luggage. In a pure price comparison, the calmdo is behind, but it is also a bit more modern, more creative and, above all, safer.

Get the calmdo breadmaker if you want to try out a lot of different things and still need inspiration. The UNOLD had to relinquish its former second place to the rommelsbacher, which scores points with a practical ingredient compartment. However, the UNOLD backmeister edel is the better choice if you are looking for gluten-free products and want to prepare your own favorite recipes at the touch of a button.

Whichever device you choose, you will definitely be getting a bakermeister worthy of the name.

Which breadmaker would you rather have in your kitchen?? Or have you already had experience with one of the two bakermeisters and want to tell us about it?? We are looking forward to your comments!

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