Trade pope watch for..

The edition is small, the name all the bigger: Only 50 pieces of the "Pope's Clock Benedict" of a small Bavarian manufacture exist worldwide. Number 9 could soon be yours. And how? Simply take part in WDR's "swap reporter" campaign – with heavenly support from our site.

"I have a great cup here, what would you give me for it?" – this is how or similar the exchange reporters tackled their mission. The mission is clearly formulated: to exchange the "daheimunterwegs" mug for something of higher value – and to do so day after day, until after four weeks they have something as valuable as possible in their hands. Already, the reporters are optimistic, because the first successes have been achieved: from cups to umbrellas, microwave ovens and DVD players to VIP tickets for the Gelsenkirchen harness racing track on 2. Christmas Day… The (hopefully) respectable outcome of all the swaps will help sick children. The proceeds will go to the pediatric oncology department of Dusseldorf University Hospital: Swapping for a good cause!The swap tour began in Dusseldorf and will stretch across the country for four weeks. Two reporters are deployed in weekly rotation. At the end of each week, they meet to hand over the week's prize, not without asking their colleague once again: "Make something of it!"

Limited to 50 pieces

In order to be able to donate the best possible proceeds to the children's hospital at the end, the experienced auctioneer Detlef Jentsch comes into play: He will auction off the last item exchanged and turn it into money.The swap reporters and their stories – starting next Monday, daily on "daheimunterwegs" (Mondays to Fridays, 16.15 to 18.00 o'clock on WDR television) – always at shortly before five o'clock.The Pope Clock is limited to 50 pieces. The movement is hand-engraved with St. Peter's Basilica, Bible and crozier. A clock with Arabic numbering currently costs 3.500,00 EURO. They are interested? Then give them a call: You can reach our this site moderators at 0221 24 88 60 or email us your offer at [email protected] site.

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