More flexible than short-term leasing

Flexibility at a favorable fixed price with a minimum term of 1 month. Order in 15 minutes, drive off& enjoy the ride. Everything in the car subscription.

Short-term leasing vs car subscription

If you need a car for a short and manageable period of time, you don’t have to buy one. Decide for a car subscription or a short-distance leasing. Which variant is the more favorable, you will find out here. Short-term leasing to auto subscription – these are the main similarities and differences:

repair costs& wear parts included

Non-wear repairs

Free replacement car in the event of accidental damage

More transparency and cost control than the FINN car subscription does not exist. In this case, all expenses are already included in the subscription price; you only have to pay for refueling and washing. Find your all-round car subscription.

Short-term leasing

Under the term short term car leasing you will find many different offers. We present the most common variants.

Classic short term leasing for cars

The normal short-term car leasing does not differ from longer contracts. Only the term is less than two years. Especially often you will find offers for one year. There are two different leasing models to choose from:

The mileage leasing is usually the cheaper choice. With this option, you agree on the total mileage for the period of use in the contract. if the limit is exceeded when you return the vehicle, you will pay a certain amount for each excess kilometer driven. In some cases, you can get paid for the respective lower mileage if you drive less than the maximum mileage. ÄIt works similarly with the FINN car subscription. a certain mileage is fixed in the subscription contract. If you drive more, you simply pay a fixed rate per kilometer of additional use after. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse you for unused kilometers.

The residual value leasing is more critical. In this leasing model, the provider already specifies the residual value that the vehicle must achieve when it is returned when the contract is concluded. You are taking a high risk, because it is hardly possible to accurately estimate the market prices that can be achieved for a particular model in advance. Low demand for your car on the used car market or no-drive zones for certain vehicles can significantly reduce the value of your car. In addition, some suppliers set the residual value unrealistically high in order to score points with a low leasing rate. If the value of the vehicle at the time of delivery is lower than the agreed amount, you are obliged to pay the difference in arrears.

A leasing contract can be hardly terminate prematurely, because the termination options are very limited. As a rule, you can only get out of the contract early if you find a third party who will take over your contract at the existing conditions.

The all-inclusive model as car short-term leasing

This term also includes two different variants.

Short-term leasing with additional options for insurance and maintenance

Long-term leases with traditional car rental companies

Some providers add additional modules to short-term leasing in return for a higher rate. These may include the following:

Inspection, maintenance and wear parts

One set of tires each for summer and winter

What sounds like an attractive all-inclusive offer often entails a lot of additional expenses for you. This is because the car tax is not included in the package, nor are the registration, transfer and repairs that are not due to wear and tear are due to. This is a big difference to a car subscription from FINN. With us are all costs except for refueling (or the electricity) and the washing line included in the monthly rate.

long-term leases ähneln strongly to the auto abo. Here too, all costs are included in the price. However, car rental companies will usually only let you use a car of a certain class. You usually do not have the option of booking a specific model in the color and equipment you want. In addition, if you rent a car for a longer period of time, you will have to exchange it for another one on a regular basis.

Short term leasing through leasing takeover

Some companies have specialized in offering short-term leases for existing contracts that the original user no longer wishes to continue or is no longer able to do so. The advantage is that you can drive a car for a few months or just over a year. But that hardly outweighs the disadvantages. Because you are not only taking over a used car, whose condition you cannot assess. You are bound to the agreed conditions and bear the full risk when returning the vehicle.

Car subscription

As an atypical rental relationship, the car subscription is very similar to the short-term leasing for cars at first glance. On the second view however large differences become clear. You have the choice between the following models:

Flex subscriptionHere, you subscribe to your car for an indefinite period and can terminate the contract monthly with a notice period of 30 days ideal for people who don’t like to make a long-term financial commitment or don’t know how long they will need the vehicle.

Time subscriptionin this variant you subscribe to the car for 6, 12, 13, 24 or 36 months. At the end of the term you return the vehicle. The subscription ends automatically, if necessary you can subscribe again.

In addition to its flexibility, the FINN car subscription offers the following advantages transparency and cost overview. Because the subscription rate includes the following costs, among others:

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