Milk cooler

Milk cooler Saeco TM 5L

The TM 5L standard cooler is exemplary in technology, performance and design and works with a compressor cooling system.

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Saeco Royal Office · fully automatic coffee maker

Saeco royal office

the royal office is very easy to use and therefore the ideal fully automatic coffee machine for offices and business premises. it is available with a base cabinet and guarantees a high espresso quality. It is also suitable for dispensing hot water for making tea.

  • Saeco brew group:
    first-class espresso, simple
    cleaning and maintenance
  • Hot water output
  • Water tank and coffee dispensing unit with central lock
  • 6-digit password to protect program settings
  • Resettable, independent counters for coffee and water (not resettable for the total amounts of coffee and water)
  • Customized settings
  • Control panel with 3 buttons for direct selection

Saeco Aulika - fully automatic coffee machine

Saeco aulika

"one touch cappuccino" for the office

Aulika is a professional fully automatic coffee machine, developed for the OCS sector, and is an expression of the high quality of saeco technologies. Captivating design and compact dimensions make the aulika the perfect "one touch cappuccino" coffee machine for the office.

Thanks to the brewing group with pre-brewing function and the electronic adjustment of the beverage temperature in the cup, it guarantees the best espresso quality. Hot water output for the preparation of all types of tea is possible, leaving nothing to be desired.

The large water tank, the possibility of connecting to the mains water supply and the spacious drip tray make this coffee maker something special. Thanks to the clear 5" display and 8-button control panel, the coffee maker is very user-friendly.

Saeco Aulika Cappucino · fully automatic coffee machine

Saeco aulika cappucino

Professional coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato
drinks in the smallest space

Aulika is a professional coffee machine designed for the OCS (office coffee service) sector. It is an expression of the high quality of saeco technologies. Captivating design and compact dimensions make the aulika the perfect coffee machine.

Thanks to the brewing group with cream valve, pre-brew function and electronic regulation of the beverage temperature in the cup, it guarantees the best espresso quality. a hot water dispenser does not leave the wishes of tea connoisseurs unfulfilled either. The optional cappuccinatore ensures the best milk production and easy cleaning. Due to large water tank and bean hopper, clear and concise 5" display and stainless steel control panel with 8 buttons, the coffee machine is very user-friendly.

Saeco idea coffee module

The idea coffee is the basic module for professional coffee preparation. The fully automatic coffee machine is equipped with a large coffee container and coffee grounds container and can be combined with other modules to increase productivity and flexibility.

The idea de luxe allows the simultaneous dispensing of coffee, steam and hot water with double boiler and three water circuits.

Saeco idea cappuccino

The idea cappuccino is equipped with a professional cappuccinatore: coffee and milk or milk foam are dispensed simultaneously. The milk is sucked directly from the carton and foamed into a creamy froth. With this system, up to 4 milk drinks can be mixed as desired. The practical and hygienic cappuccinatore cleans itself after each dispense.

Thanks to the double boiler (for coffee and hot water/steam) and three water circuits, it is possible to dispense coffee, hot water and steam simultaneously.

The kit horeca has a simplified control panel and allows a practical use of the coffee machine in self-service.

The idea duo has two grinders and two coffee bean hoppers.
So there are two different coffee blends to choose from.

Saeco next age master

Nextage is the new line of professional fully automatic machines from saeco. Inspired by rationality, clarity and simplicity, it combines the best available technologies.

Nextage is perfect for professional use and ho.Re.Ca. Brews coffee in the well-known saeco quality, makes preparing specialties with soluble products like chocolate a breeze. Perfect creamy milk foam for milk drinks like cappuccino and latte macchiato are a matter of course.

Nextage is used in hotel lounges, bars, restaurants, waiting rooms, airports, VIP lounges, with a guaranteed production of up to 250 coffees per day. It is a modular product: base unit; module for instant, module cup warmer, milk module and payment systems module.

The coffee module, with a height-adjustable dispensing point, is available in five versions. The coffee module is the master and can be coupled with several accessory modules. If several coffee modules are coupled, they can all work independently.

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