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Gnawed out! Thanks to marten repellent, the engine of your car is protected

Which is the best marten repellent for you?? Carry out a test!

marten deterrent, marten protection, marten defense – the small devices to drive away martens have different names. However, one thing is fact: one car out of 300 vehicles is affected by the rodent every year in germany. In total, the german citizen costs 50 to 70 million euro – on average this means 300 euro for a single affected person, which he has to spend to eliminate the marten damage.

For this reason marten repellent devices so popular on the german market. What the owners of such a marten repellent but little interested, is whether this is also legal. Although the marten protection can be bought cheaply, the legal situation is very difficult.

This article explains how you can do a marten deterrent test yourself with different devices to find the right product for you. The legal side of the devices we also explained. what you should also pay attention to when buying, you will find out below, so that you can save a informed and conscious purchase decision can meet.

The best marten repellent devices from the test at a glance:

What helps against martens?

The market for the control of martens has in recent years some devices and inventions produced. marten spray, marten trap, marderschreck, but also natural home remedies are bought and used. In this guide learn what really works.

marten repellent: take into account functional and legal aspects

There are different types of marten deterrent devices. Basically, they should keep the animals away from the engine compartment. Either you work with

  • ultrasound or
  • electric shock.

With ultrasound against martens

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. But how do they work? The ultrasonic devices work, as the name already suggests, with ultrasound. The generated sound frequency is located above the frequencies that a human can hear. so they can be felt only by animals with fine hearing.

Expensive devices change the frequency range constantly and thus prevent a habituation effect, so that they effectively drive away a marten. the marten repellent is not only for the car, but can be also in the house or in the attic be used.

The advantage of the marten repellent ultrasonic devices is that they are light and with few tools to be mounted in the engine compartment. This assembly is also within shortest time done.

Of course there are also disadvantages. Often neighbors or residents, in whose vicinity such an ultrasonic device suitable for marten defense is located, report that the sounds are in the audible frequency range. This can indeed be cheap products pass, which do not change also the frequency range.

If you carry out your own marten repellent test in the store, you will quickly discover: the effect of these cheap variants is vanishingly small, so it is not worth saving money on the purchase. Switch so before you buy the device at least 10 minutes long time to test whether he can be heard. children hear high frequencies especially well by the way.

However, the ultrasonic devices against martens also have an legal disadvantage. Because until today it is still discussed whether disturbed neighbors can take legal action against these devices.

Marten defense with ultrasound: is it allowed at all?

The marten protection with ultrasound is allowed by law

Luring the marten away from the car using ultrasound works very well with some devices. Also test institutes like the ADAC recommend this method. However, there are also concerned citizens who condemn these devices.

The marten repellent with ultrasound generates sound pressure and a level of sometimes over 200 db(C). this sound pressure is the basis for a beep that young people in particular hear. Especially babies perceive these high-pitched sounds while adults 30 to 40 years and older can no longer hear it.

This can lead to babies and small children no longer sleep can get headaches or even suffer from hearing problems. Often improvement already occurs when neighbors of this remedy against martens talk to the owner of its. With a good neighborly relationship should an agreement be reached here.

However, not every neighbor relationship is the best and therefore characterized by tensions. So if no more talk should help here, the REGULATORY OFFICE be informed. Often the officers are at an age where they can hear the beep no longer perceive can. For this reason this way is always very difficult. However, the authorities can carry out a sound measurement.

Depending on the value in question, the federal Immission Control Act (bimschg) should be consulted. this "law for protection against harmful environmental effects caused by air pollution, noise, vibrations and similar processes" is part of environmental law and is intended not only to protect plants and animals, but also people.

For this reason here values are defined, which are considered as noise disturbance. However, whether the responsible regulatory authority will agree to this procedure is questionable. Authorities often believe that the ultrasonic sound produced by the marten repellent is not loud enough is why a complaint about noise disturbance would not achieve any effect.

Quick help for babies and toddlers

Should your neighbor want to drive away a marten by means of ultrasound and therefore use this device run it around the clock, there are few ways to stop this noise. Since babies and toddlers are especially susceptible to this beeping you will have to use this human group resp. Protect their hearing.

It is often advised to let the child sleep in another room. However, this often does nothing. For this reason, the swoosh proven. This sound masks the beeping sound and protects the hearing of the child. For example, you can play a title with sea noise in endless loop in the nursery play to protect your little.

But of course it also depends on whether you decide to, LAWYING STEPS to initiate. For an attorney may be able to non-binding initial consultation reveal what chances you have with a complaint or even in court. Often a lawyer’s letter but also discourage, so that the neighbor decides to dispose of the device himself.

Keeping martens away from the car – with electroshock devices

in contrast to ultrasound against martens, electroshock devices are more effective. The ADAC also recommends that you go for this option. The marten deterrent is therefore a proven remedy against martens. But how do these devices work?

As its name suggests, the marten repellent emits electric shocks to intruders, which gives it the name "pasture fence principle" has brought in. Thereby small metal plates mounted in the lower part of the engine compartment, supplied with power by means of a control device.

This is however harmless for the animal as well as for humans, because the marten repellent has an integrated current limiter. Sometimes, however, it can happen that sensitive or weak people as well as people with pacemakers cannot cope with the delivered electric shocks and thus complications can occur.

electric shock devices are therefore well suited to deter martens. because the shock should not only briefly stop them from breaking parts of the engine. In fact, this marten repellent method can make sure that the animals long-term stay away.

in contrast to the marten deterrent with ultrasound, the installation of the power devices is somewhat more difficult and lengthy. Often, experts recommend that motorists should visit an appropriate repair shop. Whether the device really works depends on whether the metal plates on the right place appropriate are.

The marten deterrent devices must be connected to the battery of the trolley are clamped. Modern variants for marten repellent should be capable of to turn off, as soon as the hood is opened or the ignition is turned on. With older car batteries it can happen that the battery is empty after about one or two days of marten repellent being switched on. The ADAC estimates that the installation time is about one to one and a half hours.

marten deterrent for the car: are electroshock devices allowed in germany??

The marten defense with electric shock is partially allowed by law

The marten defense with electroshock is partly permitted by law

Giving the animals electric shocks sounds like a good idea, but it’s not not very friendly, as far as animal protection is concerned, however, these devices are not prohibited. because the federal species protection ordinance (bartschv), which names in the appendix all especially and strictly protected animals in germany, lists the marten not on.

In germany, there are several types of the group of "real marten". These include not only the most famous representatives of their genre, the pine and stone martens, also the ermine, the mouse weasel, the iltis and the american mink.

None of these marten species is under species or nature conservation, why the animal may actually be caught. Nevertheless, this is in conflict with the federal hunting law (bjagdg). Because the different species belong to the group of the "hairy game", which in paragraph 2 paragraph 1 of the bjagdg a more detailed description is given.

So do they possess a hunting license you are allowed to kill the animal, but if you do not, you commit a crime. In addition spare times of the animals must be respected. During this time, the martens reproduce and maintain their offspring. The closed seasons do not apply nationwide, which is why each federal state has declared its own time periods. These can be found in the guide to the marten.

Conclusion: who kills a marten, by a marten repellent or in another way, commits a crime, if this person does this act in the legally defined closed seasons or commits without a hunting license. However, if the animal is merely "scared off," as hunting jargon for "scare off" means, no punishment follows. For this reason the marten deterrent is allowed with electric shocks.

Why the marten is in the car

Often, car owners have a marten in the car and do not know what to do. Because the market for marten deterrent devices is huge. But why do the small animals have it on the engine compartment of vehicles?

To be able to answer these questions, one must know that marten warm and dark places favor. For this reason, the engine compartment is ideally suited as a living area for the animals. Thereby he leaves scent traces. Up to here this is still harmless for the engine of the car.

If you now drive your car to another place, you will probably find yourself in the territory of another animal, which perceives the other scent. This lures the other animal into the engine room. Once there, the marten wants to smell the "biting away" and hits cables as well as insulating mats in the process.

If the marten was in the car

Finds a vehicle driver paw prints on the car, he should not simply drive off carelessly. This is the first indication that a marten may have been in the engine compartment of the car. You may need a marten repellent? To test, open the hood and take a quick look underneath.

The ADAC has listed the vehicle components that suffer most from marten damage:

  • Ignition cables
  • coolant and windshield washer water hoses
  • Plastic hoses
  • Bellows on drive shafts and on the steering system
  • power lines or. Their insulation
  • Insulation mats for noise and heat insulation

Vehicle owners should therefore components of the engine check carefully before you drive on. It is also worth having the engine washed – especially before installing a marten deterrent.

Some damages are only late discovered – namely when it is too late and the engine no longer runs smoothly. Bitten cables or hoses can lead in the worst case to the fact that the engine overheats or changes into the emergency program. These engine damages can be expensive if the insurance does not cover them.

Bites in spite of marten repellent: does the insurance pay??

If a marten damage occurs, it is important that the insurance pays out

Until a few years ago, marten damage was still common in the partial coverage insurance included. However, with the introduction of prime rates also came the reduction of compensation for bitten through cables and co.

For this reason, it is important to check the scope of benefits of the favored insurance company. When comparing prices, consumers usually look at only on the price – unaware of the fact that the power is also "cheaper.

It is important that especially marten bites and also consequential damage are integrated in the insurance. If a cable is bitten, this can also quickly paralyze the on-board electronics of a modern car. If this has to be replaced, the car owner quickly finds himself with a five-digit sum confronted.

If the engine is damaged, older vehicle models are subject to a total loss same. For this reason it is of great importance, check the terms of the contract. Of course, unlimited protection for bites and consequential damage is best, but this is also the most most costly.

If, on the other hand, the insurance only offers protection within the price range of 1.500 to 3.000 euro on, this can usually be too little. If you have an insurance tariff that only covers primary damage, it is advantageous to already have a cable protection against martens at the least indication to a marten in the car the engine and all cables as well as hoses too check.

Because the insurance then usually only replaces these items in the car. If the chewed coolant hose engine damage due to overheating, the insurance usually does not cover this consequential damage.

driving away the marten: other ways to protect the car

In addition to the marten repellent types already mentioned, which you can also see in the marten repellent comparison table above, there are other means, promising marten protection for the car. So if you don’t want to resort to these mechanical devices, you will find further means of defense in the next sections.

Cable protection against martens

Effective protection is provided by the cable sheathing. While it can’t keep martens out of the engine compartment, it does protect cables in the passenger compartment. The material is made of hard plastic. The corrugated tube is already slotted so that it can be quickly installed over the existing cables pulled can be.

the hard plastic makes it very difficult for martens to reach the cables with their sharp teeth. Car accessories stores large hardware stores carry the corrugated tube in their assortment. However, this protection is only for ignition cable intended and cannot be used for axle boots or hoses. In addition, you should make sure that the material does not get on hot parts in the engine.

Engine protection pan as a marten deterrent? A test must be carried out for each vehicle model

Before car owners coat cables or buy various marten sprays or other household remedies, a engine protection tray the possibility to keep martens away from the engine compartment from the very beginning. The tub has several names: noise protection tub, damping tub, engine underrun protection or also noise protection tub.

With all these designations, the layman can already get an idea of the purpose of the engine sump. It should protect the engine and its sensitive components protect against grit and other materials as well as dampening noise.

The engine protection tray showed in various marten deterrent tests that it has great potential to drive other devices off the market. However, it is important that the tub has no holes, through which the slender animals can slip through.

nice side effect of the tub: with it even something can be save fuel, since with the protection now less air swirls in the engine compartment.

However, the only drawback to the marten guard is that it protects most vehicles not available as standard is why car owners need to retrofit the sump. Depending on the brand and model this beats with 150 to 300 euro to book.

Volkswagen offers, for example, in current models of golf, jetta and touran, to seal off the engine compartment. For an additional charge, this is possible ex works or can be retrofitted at a later date. The cost is about 90 euro for the installation kit; however, other parts are necessary for the assembly, which cost additional money.

Marten trap as marten protection under the car

If the marten was in the car, there may be consequential damages

The marten trap is off legal view delicate. Because, as already mentioned, it is only allowed to catch the animal alive if the person has a valid hunting license. If the person does not have this, he commits a offense and must reckon with a criminal procedure.

However, should you have a german hunting license own, you must additionally pay attention to the sparing times of the animals. These vary from state to state and are intended to show the period during which the animals devote themselves to reproduction and the care of offspring. Who nevertheless marten by means of a marten trap catches or even kills the marten in the closed season, must be accompanied by fines up to 5.000 euro calculate.

Another point that speaks against the marten trap is that the hunting in pacified districts must rest. Such areas are for example residential districts. Here, according to the federal hunting law, no animals may be caught. However, a special case is when a person has a special permit. This can, for example, be used in the REGULATORY to be applied for.

If you subject this marten protection to a test, you will also quickly find out that it is only poorly functioning. If you chase away/relocate a marten, it can happen that the now free area is occupied by a new animal.

marten spray and other scents against martens

a so-called "marderspray" has never been chosen by any testing institution as the marderschreck comparison winner. This is due to the fact that odorous substances in the engine compartment often do not bring the desired success. The ADAC also warns against falling for special offers or miracle products, as they have not shown any effect in various marten deterrent tests.

In many forums, the following home remedies are also usually recommended:

  • dog hair
  • Marten spray
  • marten balls
  • WC stones
  • Tabasco

None of these means, however, has the potential, to drive away martens in the long run – perform an appropriate test only on own risk through!

Marten spray and co. Often bring no effect, because the animals quickly adapt to the new smell get used to – the situation can also get worse. So the small rodents can become aggressive and so even greater damage in the engine compartment.

With flashing light and noise against the rodents

Beside the marten deterrent devices there are additional variants, which besides ultrasonic also motion detector and flashing light own. This is said to be particularly effective. Nocturnal animals are disturbed by the bright light emitted by the device with the help of motion sensors.

Such a marten protection will pass a test mainly because it is many different signals combined. Nevertheless, with this marten deterrent there is also a high risk that the smart animals will get used to the light flashes. However, if acoustic signals are included, the marten repellent should provide peace and quiet for a while.

The devices can even siren own. Here, however, you should be careful, because between 22 and 6 o’clock legal night rest prevails. The flashing light can also be considered a nuisance.

Wire mesh and grating

When testing a marten trap, be aware of the potential damage that the device can cause

Are they on the search for a marten scare? A test of different devices is advisable to you. But before you put all kinds of devices that are supposed to repel martens in the store under the magnifying glass take, be at this point on simple and inexpensive alternatives pointed out. Because even simple materials sometimes provide protection. So for example also the wire mesh. This one will simply under the engine or. Put in front under the car.

This material is cheap, the "mounting" is simply and the marten is frightened when it rustles. However accustomed the cautious animal soon gets used to the novelty under the engine. In addition there is another disadvantage: martens bite only when they perceive foreign smells; but this happens mainly when the car driver is not at the usual location park.

Here the difficulty is that the wire mesh is more of a unwieldy and very large is why the transport is difficult. At grating on the other hand, it is a rigid object that is ideally suited as the floor of a carport.

Because of the holes in the rust, martens and other animals are afraid to walk on it – they shy himself. However, the grate is very inflexible.

conclusion: pay attention to these points when you do your own marten repellent test

So what to do against martens? As you can see several possibilities, to take action against the rodents. The marderspray works only conditionally, because it is washed off at the first rain again. So in order for the marten to be repelled, the car owner would have to pay again after every rainy day and car wash apply new spray. This is very costly in the long run.

The purchase of a marten repellent device, on the other hand, is a good way to deter the animals long-term to keep away from the engine. but you have to take your individual circumstances into consideration. It is likely that their personal marten scare comparison winner will be a combination is made of ultrasound and high voltage.

Additionally the cable protection from corrugated tube serve as marten repellent.

So combine the different devices and home remedies to determine the best protection against martens in your neighborhood.

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