How to schedule automatic shutdown in windows 10

The energy-saving or sleep mode function allows us to leave computers on frequently. If done over a long period of time, this can affect overall system performance as well as battery life on laptops. This is where scheduling an automatic shutdown in windows 10 comes in to save the day.

Suppose the computer’s power switch is broken. Or for some strange reason, your PC won’t shut down manually when you click shutdown in the windows menu. scheduling an automatic shutdown is the way to go. technical issues aside, scheduling a shutdown saves battery power if you’re the type who falls asleep while working on your laptop for long periods of time.

With the following tips, you can schedule your PC to automatically shut down at a specific point in time. So instead of letting your computer run out of battery or stay in sleep mode while you sleep, scheduling shutdown is a perfect idea.

Set automatic shutdown with task scheduler

The task planner is an integrated app that comes with the windows 10 operating system and lets you make the most of it to schedule various tasks. To use it to schedule an automatic shutdown of your pc.

Step 1: type in task planner in the search bar of your windows 10 computer and tap on task planner.

Step 2: in the actions section, click on create basic task.

Step 3: give the task a name, a description (optional) and click continue. For this tutorial we would name the task – auto-shutdown at 12 o’clock.

Step 4: select how often you want the task to run and click continue. That is, how often you want your PC to shut down automatically. This can be daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Its. It can be a one-time task.

Step 5: the next step is to select a start date and time when you want your pc to shutdown automatically.

Step 6: in the new window select start program and tap the continue button.

Step 7: next you need to select the program that will trigger the shutdown of your pc. click the browse button.

Schedule automatic shutdown Windows 10 06

Step 8: navigate to the button on the page, select the application to shutdown and click open.

Schedule automatic shutdown Windows 10 07

Step 9: type in -S in the field add arguments (optional) and click next.

Schedule automatic shutdown Windows 10 08

Step 10: view the auto shutdown task in the new window and click finish.

Schedule automatic shutdown windows 10 09

After that, your computer will automatically shut down at the time you set in the task scheduler. if it is daily in step 4 (above), your computer will automatically shut down at the set time every day.

Override the scheduled automatic shutdown

Suppose you want to continue using your computer despite the scheduled automatic shutdown. In this case, you can override or temporarily stop the auto shutdown task so that it does not change all the programs that you are running on your PC.

To override an automatic shutdown task that you previously enabled on your windows 10 PC.

Step 1: launch the task scheduler app.

Step 2: click on "task scheduler library" in the app dashboard.

Schedule automatic shutdown of Windows 10 PC

Step 3: in the task panes, locate and select the auto shutdown task that you created previously.

Step 4: next you can overwrite the intended action. In the actions section, tap the end option to overwrite the task.

After that, the task will no longer be executed at the set time, i.e. your PC will not shut down automatically.

Disable automatic shutdown from windows 10 pc

Alternatively, you can disable the task for now by selecting disable from the action menu. This will temporarily suspend the auto shutdown task. If someone else is using your computer, you do not need to delete the automatic shutdown task. You can easily disable it. Re-enabling the task is also easy – just launch the task scheduler, select the task and click enable.

change the command to shutdown automatically in windows 10

If you have previously set your PC to shut down automatically, but now want to shut it down at a different time, you only need to edit the instructions. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: start the task scheduler app and select "task scheduler library.

Step 2: right click on the auto shutdown task you want to edit and click on properties.

Editing the automatic shutdown of Windows PC

Step 3: navigate to the trigger section of the new window and tap edit.

Edit Auto-Shutdown Windows PC 01

step 4: select the new date or time for the automatic shutdown (or both) and click on OK.

Edit the automatic shutdown of Windows PC 02

Step 5: finally click OK again to save the changes.

Edit the automatic shutdown of Windows PC 03

Close it peacefully

Not many people may use this feature or be aware of its existence. However, the ability to schedule the automatic shutdown is a very useful feature of windows 10. If you work on your computer all day and find it difficult to leave your screen to sleep, you can schedule the automatic shutdown for your sleep time.

The function can also be used as a kind of child safety lock. You can schedule the automatic shutdown of your children’s computers to limit the time they spend playing games or watching movies on their personal (or home) computers.

Next up: do you ever get curious and wonder when you last shut down your computer? We have a simple trick to help you figure this out.

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