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E-cars are only suitable for short distances and are not suitable for everyday use? The range of an electric car plays an important role with regard to the success of e-mobility. Thanks to ongoing development, the alternative drive system has reached the long haul. This poses u.A. The audi e-tron sportback 55 quattro * * under proof: the e-car can be "refueled" at fast charging stations with up to 150 kwh. This means that the vehicle is ready for another stage in about 30 minutes *. Try it out for yourself with the range calculator and read our tips on the subject of e-cars in winter.

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How far can I get in city traffic, on country roads or on the highway, taking various factors into account?? The range calculator for the audi e-tron and audi e-tron sportback offers you an answer to this question. In contrast to the WLTP cycle, air conditioning is assumed to be switched on. With a particularly energy-efficient driving style (e.g. A constant medium speed or no air conditioning) higher ranges are achievable. For realistic driving profiles, acceleration and deceleration phases are included based on experience values.

Range calculator: consumption and emission values * *

The range that can be achieved with an e-car depends on various factors, such as z.B.:

  • Individual driving style
  • Selected driveselect mode
  • Switched on electric consumers
  • Vehicle configuration and loading
  • Climatic conditions (weather)

Special features in winter operation

In winter operation, there are other factors that can reduce the range of your e-car, such as z.B.:

  • Increased rolling resistance with winter tires
  • Low temperatures as well as aggravated road conditions additionally increase rolling and aerodynamic drag
  • Switched on electrical consumers
  • Heating necessary sensors for assistance systems to avoid icing up
  • Additional increase in rolling resistance due to attachments such as z.B. Roof racks, roof boxes, etc.

Protect the battery from low temperatures and park the vehicle in a location that is as protected from the weather as possible

Adapted anticipatory driving style in driveselect "efficiency" mode and anticipatory driving style in accordance with the suggestions from the vehicle’s efficiency assistant

Reduce electric consumers like z.B. air conditioning, defrost, heated interior, mirrors, windshields and seats

Observing the tire pressure

Reduction of the load

Avoidance of unnecessary and unused attachments such as z.B. Ski racks, roof boxes, etc.

Audi e-tron route examples

E-tron complementary mobility *

Exceptions confirm the rule.

This is always the case, even with electromobility. The all-electric audi models are not only suitable for the daily drive to work, they also master many day trips and weekend tours without any problems. And thanks to the ever-expanding fast-charging network, longer vacation trips are already possible in many european countries. For even more flexibility, the e-tron complementary mobility * .
Ask your audi partner for the application or download it directly online.

  • Rental vehicle from audi of your choice (depending on local availability) at attractive conditions
  • Up to 30 days per year
  • Including comprehensive insurance coverage& generous free kilometers
  • Valid for three years from the first registration of your new all-electric audi vehicle (audi e-tron, audi e-tron sportback, audi e-tron GT, audi RS e-tron GT, audi Q4 e-tron and audi Q4 sportback e-tron)

Frequently asked questions

1. Drive with foresight and watch your speed.

2. Use the "efficiency" drive select mode. This is designed for particularly economical driving.

3. Pay attention to the vehicle level. Reduce aerodynamic drag by lowering the vehicle’s height using audi drive select’s "sport" or "efficient" mode.

4. Pay attention to auxiliary consumers such as air conditioning, radio, headlights, heated rear window. These also use the energy from the battery.

5. Avoid driving with attachments like z.B. Roof rack when it is not required.

6. Use the ECO tire pressure.

7. use preconditioning (programming the time of departure) when the vehicle is still connected to the charging station.

8. Use the range mode (restricted driving mode).

The range indicator is calculated from the battery level, the current thermal conditions and the last consumption values. Due to the high efficiency of the vehicle and the e-drive, any driving resistances have a disproportionately high effect compared to an internal combustion vehicle. You can find the individual consumption value of your vehicle in the myaudi app under "equipment details/technical data/consumption".

The range is influenced in particular by the following factors:

– thermal conditions (cold/heat)

– tires (z.B. Winter tires)

– road conditions (wet, snow)

– auxiliary consumers (heating, seat heating, rear window heating, air conditioning). )

– load (passengers, luggage)

– side and head wind

The range management system in the audi e-tron informs the customer of the remaining range available in every situation. Your audi e-tron alerts you in good time when the power storage unit is almost empty. For this, the driver is warned at a remaining range of 100 km and again at a remaining range of 50 km. If necessary, automatic route guidance to the nearest charging station begins. In addition, when the remaining range is low, your vehicle will automatically switch to energy-saving mode to maximize the remaining range.

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