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"scrap heap": man sells audi on ebay – unusually honest ad wows the net

02.11.2021 updated: 13:05

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On ebay classifieds offered a baden-wurttemberger his audi for sale. His unusual ad causes a lot of laughter on the net.

Giengen an der brenz – actually it is often said that the car the german’s favorite child. Especially in baden-Wurttemberg, where well-known manufacturers like daimler AG or porsche AG have their headquarters, people seem to have a particularly deep connection to their cars. However, its current owner is obviously anything but enthusiastic about the following vehicle.

His audi A4, the man from giengen an der brenz (about 90 kilometers east of stuttgart) offered for sale in the fall of 2020 on ebay classifieds he called it there not so affectionately as „heap of scrap". „Separate me from this masterpiece of bad engineers before I get more gray hairs", he explains in the description text, and further: "you can buy the plane without hesitation, since already in the last 50.000 kilometers, pretty much everything that can be broken was broken.“

„everything" closes in the case of this particular audi about expansion tank, turbocharger, the ad blue feed pump and "all other sick shit" one that the man from baden-wurttemberg at ebay classifieds but I don’t want to list them "because it makes me cry".

Ebay kleinanzeigen: baden-wurttemberger is unusually honest in his ad for audi

Stately 12.300 euro demands the man from the district heidenheim at a mileage of 215.000 for the "dreckshobel. For offers, however, he is open "but not for outrageous prices". Finally, at least the maintenance condition of the audi so far quite good: "it was always washed regularly, so that it shines at least nicely on the lifting platform", it says in the description on ebay classifieds.

For those interested in ebay classifieds does the current owner make the purchase of the cars besides with the following information palatable: "at the moment I murmur in the dirt bucket still a new heat exchanger, because this meant, he could burst after 5 years like a mangy blind intestine.“ then let the audi according to the advertisement, however, free of defects. Nevertheless, the man could not promise anything, but: "if desired, I will gladly show it to a priest for the expulsion of demons before sale.“

Best of small ads: facebook page makes people laugh with ad from baden-wurttemberger

With its creative, albeit spiteful, descriptive text, the audi seller from baden-Wurttemberg even into the posts of the popular facebook-page „best of classifieds, the more than 680.000 subscribers. almost 15.500 times the users already clicked on the like-button for the post, almost 20.000 comments underneath – and some of them are almost as amusing as the advertisement on ebay classifieds even.

„Roses are red, i’m going to go and steal them, i’m going to make cash and buy the filthy plane from audi!“, writes a user completely in the tradition of the popular "roses are red"-rhymes from"best of classifieds“. Another user with similarly solid rhyming skills puts one more on it and comments: "roses are red, the audi remains still, I drive soon E-bike, if nobody wants the.

facebook users celebrate baden-wurttemberg’s "scrap heap" ad

Others seem to have lost the pain from the advertisement of the baden-Wurttembergers to be able to literally feel it out: "i would like to see the salesman really like to press", writes one facebook user. „I feel these emotions in every word he says.", comments another. Many others also describe their mostly negative experiences that they have had with cars from audi, but also about mercedes-benz have made.

„I think he has experience with my A-class made", it is called there approximately on facebook under the post. „Standstill by technology – it goes always worse", comments another user while changing the audi-advertising slogan "advantage through technology" to the negative. Many people also rightly wonder whether the price is right for the horror stories the seller tells about the car is serious: "12.300 euro for the bucket? Is there anything to it? White not, 4 weeks on a beautiful island for example?“

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