Renaissance of confession

Benedict XVI. Hopes for a rediscovery of the sacrament of confession in the church. At his general audience in St. Peter’s Square, he recalled a Vatican document called "Reconciliatio et poenitentia," which exactly 25 years ago elaborated on the importance of the "sacrament of reconciliation". The Pope reminded the visitors and pilgrims of the example of great confessors, such as St. Padre Pio, the medieval theologian and mystic Wilhelm Saint John Paul.

Love enables man to know God more deeply, Pope Benedict XVI quoted. the medieval theologian and mystic William of Saint-Thierry (1075-1148). It overcomes the distance between lovers and beloved and makes them similar to each other, said the Pope in front of several thousand believers in St. Peter’s Square. The mystical experience of God in faith and love, says Benedict XVI., leads to an ever closer communion of human and divine wills. At the same time, he emphasized that in the love of God lies the "secret of a successful life". Man is called to love and to unite his life with God.

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