New document strengthens christian unity

New document strengthens christian unity

The new "ecumenical vademecum" of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity strengthens ecumenism, according to Bishop Gerhard Feige of Magdeburg. The document calls on bishops to promote Christian unity.

"It shows that it is a central ie for the Catholic Church worldwide," emphasized the chairman of the Ecumenical Commission of the Catholic German Bishops’ Conference in Bonn on Friday. Bishops would be asked and encouraged in the document released that day to promote Christian unity in their respective contexts under the conditions there, which could be very different.

The text’s high practical orientation is helpful for implementation, Feige said. The importance of communication and dialogue for ecumenism is rightly emphasized. The new media should also be explicitly used for this purpose.

Encouragement for ecumenical commitment of the bishops’ conference

The bishop continued: "In Germany, we have been ecumenically active for many years, together with our sisters and brothers in the other churches and communities. I am grateful that much of what the Pontifical Unity Council calls for in the new publication has already been implemented in our country and that some of it is taken for granted." Thus, the document of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity confirms the ecumenical commitment of the German Bishops’ Conference, and it can encourage them to "courageously continue on this path".

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