The veil is to blame

The veil is to blame

Religious sisters with veils © Vera Petrunina (shutterstock)

A nursing home in the eastern French town of Vesoul has refused a place to a nun because of her veil. The sister could only be admitted to the home if she renounced wearing the religious habit and "headscarf".

Here’s how French broadcaster FranceBleu quoted from the retirement home’s response to the nun. As a reason, the institution had cited concern for the welfare of all residents. However, it would be possible to wear a "discreet cross".

Topic brought to the public

The religious sister, who had waited nearly a year for the institution’s response, then refused the place, the station continued. She has spent her entire life wearing religious clothing and headgear and cannot imagine a life without these garments.

The nursing home’s response came back in July, FranceBleu further reported. But now, he said, a priest who regularly celebrates services at the shelter has brought the ie to public attention. Against the background of the discussion about the Muslim headscarf in France, he had spoken of "Christianophobia," the broadcaster said: "I do not believe that the veil can harm a nun, because it is not a sign of submission, but of consecration."

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