Rocky mountaineer& the canadian: on a luxury train through canada

Once from the atlantic to the pacific, from toronto to vancouver, across impressive, unspoiled landscapes with forests, rivers and through the rocky mountains: a train trip through canada should not be on any wish list for train fans and lovers of canada once in a lifetime on the program. If you want to explore the country from the comfort of a train and live, dine, and be fed like royalty, we recommend traveling by either rocky mountaineer from vancouver on the west coast to the rocky mountains or across the country with the canadian from toronto to vancouver. All information about a train trip through canada included prices, offers, routes and tips for the route can be found in this article.

Rocky Mountaineer - train journey through Canada - aerial view with river

Above all, traveling in the following luxury trains is a lasting experience – a train trip to canada with the luxury special rocky mountaineer train, which departs from vancouver on the west coast of canada and travels inland, or the luxury liner train the canadian of the canadian national railroad company, which crosses the entire country between vancouver and toronto. you are interested in unforgettable train journeys? Fulfill your travel dream by rail now – with the offers of our partner lernidee:


Liable to fines? Permissibility of touchscreen operation while driving a car

The use of electronic devices while driving, quickly falls under § 23 abs. 1a stvo. But in the meantime, touchscreens are used to control functions in the car, for example in the "tesla" the intervals of the windshield wiper. Are touchscreens allowed to be used for this purpose and if so, what are the requirements?? A ruling by the Higher Regional Court (OLG).

a motorist was in his vehicle of the brand "tesla" in the rain" on the road, the windshield wiper were already switched on. As it was raining more heavily, he wanted to touch the touchscreen, which was mounted next to the steering wheel above the center console, by another interval circuit the increase wiper frequency.


On the rental car ruling by the olg frankfurt : liability for a cardinal breach of duty through no fault of one’s own must be able to be excluded

On the rental car ruling by the OLG frankfurt : liability for a cardinal breach of duty through no fault of one's own must be able to be excluded

A defective car, a terrible accident, compensation for pain and suffering – the sense of justice may be in favor of the rental car ruling by the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court. Legally, however, the situation is not so clear-cut, says patrick ostendorf.

Civil court rulings on liability issues are rarely picked up by the daily press, especially when it is "only" the case a decision by a higher court is at issue. Recently, however, a ruling by the higher regional court (OLG) of frankfurt (urt. V. 30.12.2021, az. 2 U 28/21), which was imposed on the customer of a rental car company for a traffic accident with tragic consequences caused by defects in the rental car.A. Compensation for pain and suffering in the amount of 90.000 euro awarded.


Ignition cables (ignition wires)

The ignition cables are responsible for conducting the required voltage generated by the ignition coil to the spark plug with as little loss as possible.


Due to their installation position, ignition cables are subjected to high loads. At first glance, the complex inner workings of ignition cables and ignition cable harnesses are not immediately obvious. They have to perform at the highest technical level in the engine compartment, where temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius prevail due to catalytic converters and increasingly powerful, compact engines; electronic ignition systems produce high voltages of up to 40 degrees Celsius.000 volts. With increasing age, the brass and stainless steel contacts oxidize. The electrical resistance of the cable increases – and with it the risk of failure of the ignition coils.

Today, PVC Hypalon ignition cables no longer meet these requirements. In current vehicles, even class F ignition cables must be silicone with a temperature resistance of up to 220°C and a dielectric strength of 40.000 volt are installed. This


Road traffic rules ten things drivers should know

Road traffic rules ten things drivers should know

if a motorist without a child uses a mother-child parking space, he or she can expect to get into trouble with the parking lot operator. – © photo: matthias buehner/fotolia

  • The biggest mistakes in road traffic

Drivers are constantly exposed to new situations in road traffic. Questions often arise as to what is and what is not permitted. However, this is not always clear. Drivers should know these ten things:

Are men also allowed to use women’s parking spaces??

There are often women’s parking spaces in parking garages near the exits. Many male drivers wonder whether it is forbidden to park their car there. However, from a purely legal point of view it does not matter who parks there. Despite signs to the contrary, men do not have to fear a warning or a fine according to road traffic regulations. You still have to expect consequences. The private parking operator can demand that the driver move his car.


Magic bread with flowers with or without bread maker

this week i actually baked fifteen loaves of bread. It was easier than you think, because an automatic breadmaker helped me to do it. I have to introduce you to the most beautiful and delicious examples of course. you can bake them with or without breadmaker, i have noted both recipes for you. Very simple and really tasty is the aromatic and wonderful flower bread. Try it!


Suppliers are the clear losers of the german autoboom

The situation for the automotive industry could not be better: worldwide demand for cars is greater than ever before. Between 2000 and 2013, global vehicle production increased by almost 50 percent – and the winners of this boom are primarily German manufacturers. Volkswagen is on its way to becoming the global sales leader, and BMW, mercedes and audi dominate the premium business.

The situation for German automotive suppliers, on the other hand, is far less comfortable, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They provide the bulk of the suppliers for the major carmakers and are increasingly overwhelmed by the rising requirements. There is a great danger that these SMEs, which form the backbone of German industry, will lose out as a result of the auto boom.


Business development& innovations

Gewobag is a company that is increasingly transforming itself from a traditional housing company to an integrated service provider. We always have our customers in focus. the development of new products and services related to housing is playing an increasingly important role. We already offer our tenants energy and heat from a single source through our own energy subsidiary, gewoabg ED. The development of further core business areas to expand our range of services and benefit our tenants is part of our strategy.

We are a reliable, trustworthy, and fair partner for our tenants, our business partners, and the city of berlin. As a dynamic and forward-looking company, we act in line with needs and offer solutions for changing life situations. We are interested in joint ventures and partnerships with companies that want to work with us to advance the development of the city of berlin and our neighborhoods

Business development / innovations

Our business development team identifies new and innovative business areas and develops new products and services from the initial idea to implementation. To this end, we take up impulses from customers and partners and develop them further for the best possible benefit of our tenants. The needs of our customers and the future viability of our products are both the starting point and the goal of the project.