New smart fortwo and smart forfour : everything different as always

Smart presents the new smart fortwo and also gives the once unloved smart forfour a revival. Keep everything the way it is – and yet be completely different.

Everything as usual, yet different. "Is smart, stays smart", daimler emphasized again and again before the world premiere of the new smart generation. in july, the stuttgart-based company presented its new city runabout at the tempodrom in berlin. at the unveiling, daimler boss dieter zetsche joked: "ours is the smallest".


Amalfitana road trip: along the amalfi coast by car

Along the amalfi coast runs the amalfitana, officially called strada statale 163 amalfitana (SS 163). A road trip on one of the most exciting roads in italy is probably on some people’s bucket list. The amalfitana leads from sorrento past such famous places as positano, minori, amalfi and maiori. Always along the steep coast, always with a view of the sparkling blue mediterranean sea. The amalfitana is only 50 kilometers long, but this short route is a real challenge! With a few tips, however, a trip to the amalfi coast with your own car or a rental car will be an unforgettable experience!

Tip: if you do not drive your own car, it is best to rent a vehicle in advance! Find a rental car for your road trip on the amalfi coast* here

For the amalfi coast you should take your time and plan at least one overnight stay! But beware: booking in advance is super important, otherwise it gets really, really expensive during the season!
➜ find here the right accommodation at the amalfi coast*


Unold 8695 test and experience

The last few weeks i had the unold 8695 on test. This is a small, high-quality breadmaker of the entry-level class. Find out if the unold onyx is worth buying in the following practical test.

The unold 8695 onyx in a practical test

Technical data

manufacturer: unold
own program: 1
max. Bread size: 1000g
housing: stainless steel& plastic
dimensions: 35,5 x 28,5 x 29,5 cm

Max. 1000g bread weight

No illuminated display



From 2006 to 2015, the trend seemed to be on the rise, but has slowed down again in 2020. Whether this is due to the increase in electric vehicles? Or do owners shy away from the supposedly high costs?? Our guide provides information!

Table of contents

  1. What is LPG?
  2. Differences between autogas and natural gas
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of LPG
  4. Conversion to autogas
  5. outlook: availability and environmental protection

The most important summarized

LPG is a liquid gas that is produced as a by-product in refineries for petroleum extraction. This byproduct can be called fuel can be used for cars with conventional combustion engines, when converting.

Some new cars from manufacturers such as renault and fiat are already being built to function immediately as LPG cars.


Solar vehicle

Solar vehicles receive most of their propulsion energy directly from the sun. They are equipped with solar cells on the surface that convert the sun’s energy on the vehicle into electricity. as electromobiles, they often also carry an energy storage device (usually accumulators) to remain roadworthy even in poor light conditions or cloud cover, at least for a limited time. Electric vehicles that draw their electrical energy exclusively from a stationary photovoltaic system where they charge their energy storage devices do not count as solar vehicles, even if the energy they charge is purely solar; such as z.B. Twike or cityel. These vehicles are grid-connected electromobiles.

With optimum solar irradiation, the high-performance solar cells of the experimental vehicles can provide up to 2.25 kw (nuna2 NL) of electrical power (max. irradiation *area*efficiency compare fossil car with ca. 35-200 kw). solar cars are experimental vehicles for economical automobiles and light weight construction, (see light vehicle and low energy vehicle).

Table of Contents

[solar races and solar rallies

Various organizations around the world regularly organize races with solar cars.


Unold breadmaker

the unold breadmaker "backmeister edel 68456" is narrowly beaten by the test winner. This is mainly due to the not quite perfect baking result. The machine scores with a very noble stainless steel design, easy operation and the best coating of the baking pan in comparison.

+ design
+ quality
+ operation
+ coating of the baking pan

Unold backmeister noble – top workmanship and design

The name "backmeister edel" really does come to mind with the unold breadmaker. We find the design very chic. Stainless steel comes not only with the basic device, but almost for use everywhere outside – even with the lid, handle and switches.


Liquefied petroleum gas (lpg)

Gases to the OIL! Stations are handled on account and in the name of the respective gas suppliers. And that to high quality: to OIL! filling stations you can get for modern and powerful engines just as powerful fuels for every demand and for every requirement.

Autogas (LPG) quality

Fuels are standardized – thus also fulfilling the requirements of OIL! The fuels available at service stations meet all the requirements of current quality standards and EU environmental legislation. Autogas (LPG, from the english liquefied petroleum gas or GPL, from the French gaz de petrole liquefie) is a virtually sulfur-free liquid gas for vehicles with gasoline engines that have an LPG system. LPG consists mainly of butane and propane: ratio 95:5 to 30:70, generally as summer mixture 40:60 and as winter mixture 60:40 in the offer of the gas stations. The quality requirements for autogas/LPG are defined throughout europe in DIN EN 589 (or. oNORM EN 589 for Austria), which of course also applies to the autogas suppliers of the filling stations at OIL! Locations comply with. The octane number of LPG is around 110 octane.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)


Accident on freeway

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