The 10 most beautiful destinations in europe

Most beautiful vacation destinations in Europe

A road trip means freedom! After all, there is nothing better on a vacation in croatia than stopping off in a picturesque village or cruising along the adriatic sea to stroll along the dream beaches of splits, depending on your mood. Webuyacar.De has compiled the ten most beautiful vacation destinations in europe and calculated for you the financial outlay and the respective distances by car.

is the starting point to the most beautiful vacation destinations in europe berlinyour journey can begin!


Winter tires, summer tires what you need to know about car tires

When summer tires make sense, when winter tires are a must? We answer the most important questions about car tires and summarize current ADAC tire tests.

  1. The best winter tires from the ADAC tests
  2. Tire types: summer tires, winter tires and all-season tires
  3. Energy label for tires
  4. Finding the right tire size
  5. Safe tires: tread depth, tire pressure, aging
  6. Store and change tires
  7. The best summer tires from the ADAC test

The best winter tires from the ADAC tests


Shared car and city runabout user numbers up despite corona

Source: teilauto

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Leipzig mobility providers: 90 % space savings possible with new mobility services

Photo campaign on car-free sunday in leipzig: how much space do our daily means of transport need??

Sparkasse leipzig launches part-car car-sharing scheme

Teilauto: "economic support will be indispensable for us"

Konsum leipzig uses part-car sharing for business trips

It’s not an easy year for the car sharing industry. mobility center gmbh, which operates the teilauto and cityflitzer brands, also felt the effects of this. Nevertheless, the central german company is now once again recording significant growth in customer numbers.


How do i polish my car properly

I want to polish my car– where do I start??

an evergreen among many newcomer questions is the subject of paint polishing and the minimum equipment required for it. We try to answer the most urgent questions at this point.

I have washed my car and I want to apply wax, is that ok??

Unfortunately, it is not optimal in any case. If the paint surface is freshly prepared and has an intact wax protection, would be a maximum refreshing with a good quick-detailer advisable.
If the paint has not been pretreated and possibly never polished, you should not apply wax as a direct follow-up step. You run the risk of getting a severe reduction in service life and the glossy appearance would be far below the possibilities, depending on the condition of the paint.

Ok, but if I treat the varnish after the Wäsche with cleaning clay, that should still be enough?

It’s better, because a paint cleaning knead removes almost all dirt from the paint and the surface feels much smoother.


Roadtrip through europe – tips for a successful trip by car

you finally want to fulfill a long-awaited dream and explore the most beautiful routes and sights on a week-long europe round trip by car? Before you actually set off, it’s a good idea to think about planning your trip in advance.

  • Own car or rental car?
  • price comparison
  • What to consider when renting a car?
  • traffic rules in other countries
  • What papers do I need?
  • Preparation for the trip
  • Which insurances do I need?

europe by car

There is nothing better than a carefree road trip! Just you, your car, the horizon and unlimited freedom. Such an adventure on the road is not only worthwhile in distant countries like namibia, new zealand or canada. Even here in europe, it’s always the supposedly familiar places that surprise us the most. Simply because there is no time pressure and you are completely independent.

You can go wherever you want to go without thinking twice. Whether that means an intensive exploration of forests and moors of sweden all the way to the north cape, or a round trip through the balkan states to the 98-kilometer-long sandy beaches of the curonian spit in lithuania. Or have you always wanted to know what it’s like in the scottish highlands and in the pyrenees in france and spain, which are still considered a secret tip??


Van rental munich

Transporter rental in your area with price comparison

Why rent a van with truck rental.De?

best prices& discounts for private customers, students and corporate customers
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Information about transporter rental

In munich you can choose from a large and varied fleet of different commercial vehicles and vans for different types of cargo transportation. The fleet is constantly adapted to the local demand and the trucks are regularly maintained by truck repair shops and handed over to the customer in clean condition and with a full tank of gas. after renting a van in munich, when picking up the van, check for possible paint and body damage, as well as the fuel level, all headlights, tires and wipers.

truck fleet

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iveco eurocargo rental


Tu/e students build recycled cars: ‘we want to shake up the industry’

© luxion

"more and more people want to consume more and more. That is why we are using more and more of the earth’s resources. After we have used something for a relatively short time, we throw it away again. That does not go on. If we change course and make something out of this waste, we can solve all the problems at once."says matthijs van wijk, PR manager of the TU/ecomotive student team at the technical university of eindhoven in the netherlands. The team is doing its part to solve the problem by making a car from recycled materials, the luca.

with this car, the students want to show the industry that production can also be more environmentally friendly. "the enormous amounts of waste we have on earth are not only a problem, they can also be part of the solution. We can easily reuse the material. That means we need fewer raw materials," says van wijk. To reinforce their point of view, the students will apply for a license plate for luca at the RDW, the dutch car registration office. This also happened with the former TU/ecomotive car lina. "if we get a registration, it shows that it is a roadworthy car. Then we can really go out on the road with it," he continues.


Environmental zones in germany

All information on the environmental badge and environmental zones in germany. The sticker is available from oAMTC.

environmental zone: sticking the emission sticker – environmental zones in europe – in the "jungle keep track© oAMTC

What is an environmental zone?

in the centers of many german cities there are so-called "environmental zones. these environmental zones may only be entered with cars that have a sticker Signals that a certain emission level of harmful and fine substances will not be exceeded.